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Welcome to Extreme Bird Feeding, a family operated nonprofit site. This site went on-line in January of 2008. The cam went live in April of 2008. We have been “Extreme Bird Feeding” since May of 2004. We hope you enjoy the views of the many species of birds and other critters that visit our yard.

We welcome all feedback. Questions, comments, suggestions? Send them to us at

A special thanks to located in Sunrise Florida. Click on the photo below.


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Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer Herd

Flying Squirrels

four flying squirrels

Black Bear standing at feeder

Black Bear at feeder

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Would you like to have your nature photos posted to the Extreme Bird Feeding web site? Just send it to us in an e-mail. Include how you want your name listed (screen name or real name), when and where the photo was taken, and a brief description of what is in the photo. We will try to get it posted as soon as possible. People from around the world have already visited Extreme Bird Feeding. Have your photos viewed by nature lovers from around the world. You can send the photos to: or

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Please note: Due to the recent baiting ban put in place in Michigan we at EBF are not intentionally feeding the deer. Our bird feeding stations all together hold around 100 pounds of bird feed. Many of the birds and squirrels spill a lot of this feed to the ground. Usually this time of year we like to put down apples, carrots, and other vegetables for the deer to enjoy, this year we are not. When the ban is lifted, we plan to go back to our normal deer feeding for nature viewing. We have mineral blocks placed near the feeding areas which serve several purposes. They keep the porcupines from chewing on our deck and other wood things, like tools. Also, we have seen a lot of the other animals utilize the mineral blocks, and surprisingly many of the birds use them too.




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